General Equipment

Belzona has over 50 years of experience providing repair solutions to a wide range of mechanical equipment, minimizing downtime for our customers, and reducing their maintenance costs. Belzona products provide simple and cost effective solutions for the following:

  • Scored Shafts
  • Worn or oversized Keyways
  • Scored Hydraulic Rams
  • Loose Spline Housings
  • Worn or oversized Bearing Housings
  • Erosion / Corrosion Damage in Pumps and Valves,
  • Stripped Threads
  • Cracked Casings and Blocks
  • Torn Conveyor Belts
  • Damaged Tank Linings
  • Many more

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Scored Shafts

Problem: Shaft bearing areas have been scored by slipping or failed bearings.

Belzona Solution: Rebuild the scored area with Belzona Systems, allowing a new bearing to be installed. This is done without having to replace the shaft, and without heat, eliminating the possibility of warping. Repairs are often performed in place, without having to disassemble the machine or remove the shaft.

Worn keyways

Problem: The keyway has become worn and over-sized, causing vibration, misalignment, and stress on couplings.

Belzona Solution: Reform the keyway with Belzona Systems. Using the key as a former, a perfect zero-tolerance fit is created. With no possibility of movement and 100% contact across the faces, mechanical power is transmitted smoothly from start up to shutdown.

Scored Hydraulic Rams

Problem: The ram surface has been scored. Oil seals become torn and hydraulic fluid is lost.

Belzona Solution: The score is ground out, filled, and reshaped using Belzona Systems. This is done locally, without welding, machining, or rechroming. In many cases, the repair can be completed without disassembly.

Loose Spline Housings

Problem: The socket of a spline coupling has become loose, allowing excess vibration, uneven power transmission, and damage to the male spline.

Belzona Solution: Rebuild the socket with Belzona Systems. The male spline can be used to reform the intricate mating surfaces. This will provide smooth mechanical transmission and 100% contact between the coupled parts.

Loose Bearing

Problem: A bearing or bushing housing has become worn, allowing the bearing to vibrate or become misaligned, or permitting a pin to pound into the housing with each movement.

Belzona Solution: Rebuild the bearing housing with Belzona Systems. In many cases, the bushing or bearing itself can be used to reform the huosing in place, without disassembly, machining, or line boring.

Erosion/Corrosion Damage

Problem: Erosion, coupled with corrosion, entrainment, and cavitation, have worn the interior surfaces of fluid handling equipment. Efficiency and output are down, while costs are up.

Belzona Solution: Erosion damage maybe rebuilt without welding. Flow contours and wear ring seats can be recreated without machining. Most repairs can be carried out where the machinery sits.

Erosion/Corrosion Protection

Problem: After damaged areas are rebuilt, the potential exists for erosion/corrosion to continue attack in other areas.

Belzona Solution: Belzona Systems are applied as coatings to casings already built. They can also be applied to new or undamaged casing and impellers as part of a preventive maintenance program.

Pump Efficiency

Problem: Pumps running below their designed efficiency.

Belzona Solution: Belzona efficiency enhancement coatings can restore lost efficiency in old pumps and can boost energy efficiency and cost savings in new pumps.

Stripped Threads

Problem: Over-tightening or corrosion has caused threads to become loose or to strip out. Common areas for this are drain plugs, vents, pump casings and engine blocks.

Belzona Solution: Rebuild, or even create, stripped out threads with Belzona systems, using the bolt or the plug itself as a former. No welding, drilling tapping or thread inserts are required.

Holed or Cracked Casings and Blocks

Problem: A connecting rod thrown through the block wall, or casing that has cracked due to freezing without having been properly drained. Such holes and cracks normally relegate casings to the scrap heap.

Belzona Solution: Where the casing is structurally sound, Belzona Systems can be used to repair the damage. Cracks, holes and gaps can be bridged, and the repair will be completely resistant to water, coolant, oil, many chemicals, and high temperatures.

Belt Fasteners

Problem: Belt fasteners have become damaged by abrasive material on the belt, allowing particles to fall between clips. These are also areas where bacteria can grow.

Belzona Solution: The fasteners can be covered with a fast-acting, cold curing Belzona System, providing protection against abrasion and corrosion. Protecting the bottom of the fasteners can prevent damage to drive rollers.

Torn Conveyor Belts

Problem: A rip or tear has ocurred in the belting.

Belzona Solution: Belzona systems can be used to effectively repair the damage without removing the belt, and without hot vulcanizing equipment. The “cold vulcanized” repair can be ready for use in less than two hours under normal conditions.

Damaged Hoses and Cable Coverings

Problem: Constant wear or mechanical damaged has removed the outer rubber layer from hoses, cables or electrical conductors.

Belzona Solution: Rather than replacing or splicing in a new section, Belzona Systems can be used to repair the damaged area. No heat or vulcanizing is required, and the repairs can be normally carried out on site.

Damaged Rubber Linings

Problem: Damage to the rubber lining has allowed the liquid to work behind the lining. This will destroy the bond, and allow corrosion and chemical attack to destroy the tank wall.

Belzona Solution: The existing lining and tank wall can be repaired using Belzona Systems. The original lining must be removed back to where it is still firmly bonded. If the lining needs to be entirely replaced, one of the chemical-resistant Belzona coating systems may be the solution.

Leaking Tanks and Pipes

Problem: Correded joints, welds and seams are common causes of leaks in tanks and associated pipework. Corrosion damage, product loss, ground contamination and costly clean up are some of the consequences.

Belzona Solutions: Leaking areas can be sealed quickly from the outside using Belzona systems. Repairs can be made to a wide variety of substrates including metal, concrete, fibreglass and rubber.

Damaged Flange Faces

Problem: Corrosion, steam cutting, distortion or simple misalignment will prevent flanges from sealing properly.

Belzona Solution: Corrosion pitted or wire drawn flanges are quickly and simply repaired without the need to weld or machine.

Eroded Pipe Bends

Problem: Bends and elbows are particularly prone to erosion and abrasion in pneumatic conveyers and slurry systems.

Belzona Solution: Belzona systems can extend the life and provide fast back-to-service times of thinned wall or perforated pipework.